Welcome to the demo page of the recipe book!

If you have any questions or problems, please post them in the support forum or send an e-mail to [email protected].

Update 10 - 27.02.

  • Minor code optimizations and bug fixes

Update 9 - 28.11.

  • Fixed incorrect language variable when finally deleting recipes
  • Added missing language variables for "singular" and "plural"
  • Added deletion hint on the recipe page
  • Badge for private recipes was added on the recipe page
  • Improved display of private, disabled, and deleted recipes
  • Display error fixed
  • Added options category for extensions
  • Added sidebar (boxes) event for extensions in the template
  • Preparations for forum integration made
  • Needed extensions (requirements) integrated directly into the package
  • Smaller code optimizations

Update 8 - 19.11.

  • Fixed bugs:
    • The box "Recent recipes" was displayed even if no recipes existed yet
    • Created ingredients and units could not be deactivated or deleted
    • An error message was displayed if the start page of the recipe book was called up without a category existing
    • Reported recipes could not be called in the moderation due to an error message
    • Reactions were not displayed within a recipe
    • Uploading non-JPEG files as teaser images resulted in an error message
  • Other:
    • A global button for adding a new recipe has been added. It is now no longer necessary to select a category first
    • An error message is now displayed when trying to add ingredients even though no ingredient categories exist yet
    • Added missing installation instructions for the recipe BBCode
    • Improved display of the teaser image
    • The button or icon for reducing the number of portions is now grayed out when the quantity = 1 and no longer gives the impression that you can portion negatively
    • Added missing permission checks for guest access
    • Added version number display in the footer. This can be shown or hidden via the default option "Display version number in copyright notice"

Update 7 - 07.11.

  • Fixed a bug in the recipe BBCode search.
  • Fixed a bug that caused image files to be removed when editing a recipe
  • Access to private recipes improved/fixed

Update 6 - 13.08.

  • Added module option to fully (de)activate the recipe book with just two clicks

Update 5 - 12.08.

  • Added search function for recipe BBCode (WIP)

Update 4 - 11.08.

  • Removed "Draft" functionality, because it was practically 1:1 the same as "Private Recipe"
  • Minor rework of the filter dialog
  • Minor rework of the recipe form
  • New Dietary forms
    • Low Carb
    • Paleo
    • Little Sugar
    • Clean Eating
  • Bring button is now no longer displayed for private, or deleted recipes
  • Added copyright notice in the footer

Update 3 - 10.08.

  • Fixed bug when recalculating favorites after adding or removing them
  • Fixed a bug when creating (multilingual) content
  • Added missing language variables
  • WIP: English language
  • Fixed fallback to global permissions (affects only moderative and administrative permissions)
  • Recipes from child categories are displayed in the respective parent categories as well
  • Counters of categories contain the number of recipes of the category and all sub-categories cleaned from duplicates
  • Group and content titles must be at least 3 characters long (default by search function in recipe form)
  • extraction of the bring button into a separate package
  • Fixed bug when searching for recipes
  • Fixed bug when saving multilingual content
  • Fixed a bug in the calculation of favorites that caused the favorites of all users to be accumulated
  • Box controller for listing recipes (including "Recent recipes" box)
  • Box controller for a tag cloud based on recipes (incl. box)
  • Box condition for displaying recommended recipes
  • Condition "Number of recipes of the user" for
    • Display of advertisements
    • User search
    • Trophies
    • Mass treatment of users
    • Notes
  • Group right to edit own ratings
  • Fixed missing handling of multilingual content when saving objects
  • Positions for embedding ads on the recipe page as well as in listings of recipes
  • JSON-LD markup added. As a result, bring integration now also works without errors

Update 2 - 06.08.

  • "Group" is no longer incorrectly marked as required
  • File names of teaser images are optimized
  • Multilingual support for unit abbreviations
  • EXIF data from images is removed
  • Teaser images are converted to webp and delivered accordingly if supported
  • SEO optimizations (rich search results)
  • Bring button implementation (preparation)
  • Various small bug fixes Optimization of mobile display